Monday, August 22, 2011

This Day is Marked

          This day marked the sharing of this very private blogsite to my public facebook account. But in a discreet manner. Those people who will browse my fb profile info, read and click a lot shall find this private page of mine, along with my other blogsite, twitter and youtube account. I did that not to really share this page but for ease accessibility since I use facebook a lot more than any of these sites. To go to my other sites, I just have to click on the link I posted on my fb info page.

I write in any of these private sites those stuffs I can't share in my public fb account, or else it will look like a fiesta of comments there from all the people i know in all walks of my life. There are people who can't relate and only get half of the story and would sometimes even interpret fb status in a very different way in anyway they like, limitless, it could be negative or positive. It's better to have one or more sites so I can't be so saturated in one account. And also, I don't want to hurt people directly in my Fb account by expressing everything in there. It's just nice to keep boundaries and keep the distance. If they are really interested, curious, have a lot of time reading and know computer a lot, and most of all, as mentioned earlier -interested, then that's the time they will read and visit my other sites. But I guess only a few or it could be that none of them would bother so I still can keep my privacy here. : )

   (I will quote Kris and Bimby's expression)  love love ko!.... : )

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