Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Gift

I was very down last week that I didn't go to work for 4 straight days. I really felt like quitting my job and was even about to do it.. Aaallmmmoosssttt... I talked to our HR and told her about my situation but I wasn't yet sure. I just would like to express. She knew that I was not satisfied with my salary, I expressed that to her the other year, but salary is not the issue at all this time. I felt emptiness inside so I was thinking of looking for another environment, like going to Dubai (my brother is there), or applying for a new job of different field. I just want a way out immediately. But thank God, our HR is a very good person, a very generous and kind-hearted woman. She understands the feeling of the employees and not mock us down. She listens and suggest things in the right way.

So, I just let those days go through, being absent and not worry a lot of my job once and for all to give me complete rest and a break from everything I'm busy with. I was surprised, when I get to the job again by Monday, everything seemed so new to me. It felt like a new life again and my enthusiasm to my work comes back. Of course I still have the little worry of not being around for 4 straight days. But everything was just smooth for me and I just do my job right away. Yeah I was really a bit sick last week that's why I felt down and powerless. Complete rest and getting rid of worry is really a nice therapy to bounce back in life.

Now I like to do my job and be fast in my transactions again. This is the second day of the week since I go back to work from a 4-day-absent-turn-to-instant-leave. My inspiration to do my job has indeed came back. And just this afternoon, I received a surprise gift from God. Our HR handed me the document which states my salary adjustment. My salary increase is P3,300 a month! Wow! Lord God really? Thank you so much!

That was really a revelation to me from God. Lately, I've been so empty and I know the reason why. I haven't really visited the church for a month now, I realized it's been a while. And just last Sunday, I have received a very nice message from the gospel and homily from the priests- one in TV (Fr. Sobrejuanite in TV Mass Studio 23), and one in the church I attended (Nazareno Church). It was about having faith in God to rescue us in our lowest moments. It did really fit for me. I was thinking "yeah, where did those people came from when they arrive in the right place at a right time that we needed them most." I like the example of Fr. Sobrejuanite when one time he and 3 other sisters were stranded in a rural/remote area. His car ran out of gasoline (the gasoline indicator in the dashboard was not functioning that time). Not long after he looked up in the sky to ask God for help and think of what to do next, there were two guys who came out in the woods with chainsaw and a gallon of gasoline with them. He asked for help and indeed the men offered their gasoline. And that was really a very nice example of God sending help, they arrive very timely in the right place with the gasoline. A very good news for me and for all of us. God really help us in times of our need. There are so many instances I experience in my life -God sending help through the people around me in times of need. Everything indeed has a purpose. When you are hurt or down , happy, excited or mocked down, everything has a purpose and God is always there at our side.

This experience make me grateful to the things I received in life, and to be grateful to God. I also learned to change the way of my thinking. That is - not to expect anything. Just plain and simple. Truly, happiness comes from the most unexpected things. Thank you Lord.

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